• Vision:

    Our vision is to be the leading supplier of integrated global packaging.


    We deliver knowledge based integrated sustainable packaging solutions improving packaging cost, functions, service and sustainability helping global customers achieve their vision.

  • Corevalues

    Customer focus

    We are a customer focused company, we align our work based on customer needs both today and looking to the future.
    We act globally, we strive to provide world-class service and product.our local footprint gives us advantages in running our business and serving clients.


    Be a trusted partner in the community in which we operate.
    We align our actions with our words and deliver what we promise.
    We are respectful and behave in an open and honest manner.

    Long term development

    Building long term partnerships through credibility and trust to build and strengthen our reputation.

  • Excellence

    We aspire for our people to be excellent at what they do.
    We will continuously improve in all aspects of our business not just in creative design, various of material and supply chain management.
    We develop solutions benefiting the total supply chain.
    Being flexible in the packaging industry enables us to support the most complex clients.
    Manufacture means we always sit in Manufacture position not the trade position to see the products, to keep our leading professionalism and cost competitive.


    Trust teamwork can produce better results than any of us can achieve alone
    Act as a team and support one another.
    Act like owners, focus on outcome over activity, take hard calls and decide what is right for the business.
    Respect others, do not bring personal preferences into the work,respect the principle of “on the issue rather than individuals”.