• Our Solutions

  • Design and

    Our engineering team is here to help you design/ sample/ test a solution suiting best your supply chain.When we develop a packaging solution we take into account multi aspects and constraints. Material selected must ensure good protection of your product and be cost effective.

Design and Testing

Before developing any design, IPS team will need to understand your supply chain and its challenges. Understanding your product life cycle, where it’s coming from, where is it going, how is it transported…We take into account all those aspects to come up with the solution that best fits your needs. Our design aim to reduce cost, improve supply chain efficiency and reduce carbon footprint. Our design will answer all those challenges.

  • Creative Structural Design

    IPS brings its expertize to develop packaging solution that will best protect your product and be the easiest and cheapest solution.
    We design solutions that will improve your loading densities and reduce your carbon impact. We also design solutions that will be easy to pack, unpack and will be as eco friendly as possible.

  • Graphic Design

    IPS has rich experience with retail ready pack. We can help you develop a pack that will be attractive and help you sell more products. Finishes and colour control are part of our expertize. Litho print/ UV/ Spot UV/ embossed lettering…IPS can support in your pack development.

  • Prototype

    IPS has its own sample department with printer and CNC equipment. We can come up with prototype even printed ones, so you can have a physical review of the developed solution. Helps to reduce development time and allow for quick changes when needed.

  • Testing Capabilities

    IPS in house ISTA laboratory can be used to help customers bring their products to market in the fastest speed.
    Full range of ISTA tests, up to 2 tons including vibration/ impact/ drop/ stack and environmental chamber.
    Professional equipment, ECT/ BST, Cobb…