• about IPS LANDO
  • IPS Lando Packaging is a packaging manufacturer and a multi-service provider. IPS-Integrated Packaging Solutions has a long history of supporting global companies with their operations world wide.

    We believe that packaging can affect every part and process in the entire supply chain, including packing operation, transportation, storage, damage rate, customer experience and environmental impact. This means that packaging can do much more than just protect the product.

    In short, the right packaging can help customers reduce the total cost and sell more while minimizing environmental impact. Our goal is to help customers win.

    Over the decades, IPS Lando has developed a unique and highly advantageous business model that delivers competitive value to its customers.

Packaging Competencies & Supply Model

Packaging Supply Design
  • Packaging Design

    ·IPS uses a combination of Chinese and global design companies to optimise packaging design for our clients
    ·Pack design facilities exist in China, USA and most European countries
  • Testing

    ·IPS and selected pack design partners have ISTA approved testing
    ·laboratories to simulate stresses undertaken by transportation of packaged product
  • Specification Management

    ·IPS catalogues and manages the packaging specifications once they are approved.
  • Sourcing or manufacturing

    ·IPS can manufacture corrugated board, various foam products, pallets and wooded boxes.
    ·IPS has access to the best packaging suppliers in China across a broad range of materials. – where self manufacturing is not optimal.
Packaging Supply Execution
  • Supply Chain

    ·IPS designs the supply chain to optimise material price with the required level of service.
    ·On site packing and assembly teams are trained in how to best use packaging where inserts or more complex solutions are required
  • Procurement and Quality Management

    ·IPS oversees material quality whether it is manufactured or sourced.
    We provide an audit trail of packaging materials.
    ·Deliveries are documented and photographed before leaving IPS Lando premises.
  • Reporting

    ·IPS provides reporting of:
    ·Material consumption
    ·Estimated co
    ·Supplier KPIs
    ·Other details
    ·On an agreed basis
  • Continuous improvement program

    ·IPS reviews developed packaging specifications on an agreed basis to look for new concepts and better ways of packing.

ISTA Certified Lab

Using our ISTA laboratory we ran a full ISTA standard tests,

including vibration, drop, compression and impact test in order to recreate conditions to be supported by the pack during transportation. Performance assessed

and validated.For more information on how we can help you with your testing requirements, please get in contact with us.

  • Walk-In Temperature and Humidity Testing Room

    Walk-In Temperature and Humidity Testing Room

  • Inclined Impact Test Machine

    Inclined Impact Test Machine

  • Burst test

    Burst test

  •  Vibration Test Machine

    Vibration Test Machine

  • Ista certificate

    Ista certificate

IPS LANDO Facilities And Equipment

Enter IPS Lando world and discover the facilities used to supply your packaging solutions.

Different equipment and material available to answer all your packaging needs. We work with high quality printers and use CNC machines to ensure

quality through all steps of production.




    IPS Lando Packaging Vietnam               IPS Lando Packaging Mexico


    IPS Duoying company

  • Commercial rotary press

    Commercial rotary press


    automatic die-cutter


    corrugated board assembly line

Global Certifications

IPS Lando is guided by providing consistent and high quality packaging and deliver excellent customer service.

Our commitment for quality has obtained endorsement from the relevant certification bodies. Production process, material origin, management system,

all comply with national and international standards.

FSC Certificate - IPS LANDO

FSC Certificate - IPS LANDO

ISO9001-2015 Quality Management

ISO9001-2015 Quality Management

ISO14001-2015 Environmental

ISO14001-2015 Environmental

ISO45001-2018 IQNet Certificate

ISO45001-2018 IQNet Certificate

ISO45001-2018 Occupational

ISO45001-2018 Occupational