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Packaging experts, we supply various type of material. Browse our catalogue of products.
The right packaging solution will not only protect well your product, it will also impact your brand recognition and reduce your whole supply chain costs.
Returnable packaging
Long lasting packaging that can be reused during multiple logistics flows.
Returnable packaging is designed to reduce costs among the supply chain while being a more sustainable option.

    • Rack

      Designed to accommodate your logistics flows, racks are long lasting and can be reused to transport your parts to the production line or to their next production destination.
      Foldable to maximize cubic utilization when they are returned, racks are mainly used in automotive and industrial sectors to reduce costs.
      For fragile parts racks can be designed with PU cushions, protective textile or other suitable accessories.
    • Totes

      For the transportation of smaller parts we have a range of plastic reusable totes and boxes.
      Partitions material and sizes can be customized to your parts. Totes can be foldable to maximize cubic utilization when empty.
    • Bulk Returnable Containers

      Bulk returnable containers are designed to optimize your space, operation and handling process.
      Fully made from plastic, corrugated or a mix of material our BRC are designed to be foldable and easily stored. When empty the will be folded and are stackable to reduce your logistics costs and optimize your space utilization.