• Our Solutions

  • Your Packaging Solution

    Your product is unique and so must be your packaging
    solution. Packaging is different for each and every
    customer but the ultimate goal is always the same an
    optimized packaging solution that reduces total cost
    and improve your supply chain efficiency.

Integrated Packaging Solutions

  • IPS is more than a packaging supplier, our goal is to make your life easier and
    bring you more efficiency through a better control of your packaging, integrated
    packaging for a lean supply chain.

  • We understand complex supply chain in many different sectors, we adapt ourselves and our products/ services offer to bring you value.IPS provides an engineering and operational expertize on overall packaging and related activities.

  • Total Cost of Ownership

    We develop packaging solutions benefiting your whole supply chain. A packaging that fits better your
    supply chain and bring value in it. A packaging that helps you win.

  • Engineering Excellence

    IPS is here to offer packaging solution with high protective performance
    in a cost competitive manner. Our team uses multi material combination
    to target cost reduction, optimize loading densities.

  • Improve Logistics Efficiency

    Warehouse, space, handling, operational challenges?
    IPS is a fully integrated partner, we understand constraints and problematic along your supply chain.
    We help develop solutions that will help improve your efficiency in all aspects.
    We can design packaging that will be easier to handle, easier to pack/ unpack and will fit your
    logistics chain.

  • One Stop Shop and End to End Solutions

    · Packaging transparency and control improved
    · Packaging price reduction through consolidated purchasing
    · Packaging design optimised for the supply chain reducing costs
    · Simple reporting of packaging statistics
    · Access to the latest packaging technology
    · Risk of Corporate/Social compliance issues is reduced