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Packaging experts, we supply various type of material. Browse our catalogue of products.
The right packaging solution will not only protect well your product, it will also impact your brand recognition and reduce your whole supply chain costs.
Wood based packaging
Strong and easily customable, wood packaging is mainly use for heavy parts transportation. Strength of the wood makes it a good choice for export.

    • Wood Based Packaging

      Wood packaging is a good option to create packaging solutions that will protect heavy parts. Easy to design and assemble we can supply different kind of wood based solutions including crates, collars and tailor designed solutions. High strength performance and best stack ability are the main advantages of wood. We offer wood solutions that are ready for export with ISPM 15 compliance.
    • Plywood Packaging

      Advantages of the wood without the need for heat treatment, plywood packaging solutions can take different form to fit your needs. Lighter and cheaper plywood is a good alternative for domestic/ export transportation. Different type of closing system are available and IPS can help design plywood solutions to ensure protection of your parts.
    • Pallet

      IPS offers a wide range of pallet structures and designs.
      We can supply wood pallets, plywood pallets with different kind of blocks (plastic/ steel…) to reduce the overall weight and cost.
      Our wood pallet are ISPM 15 compliant and can be international standard such as EU pal or tailor made.