• Our Solutions

  • Innovative

    Bring creative and innovative packaging solutions that help you make a difference and win in your sector.


We mix technology innovation and our creative mind to bring packaging solutions that are smarter/
cheaper and more sustainable.

  • Creative Design

    IPS, award winner in F&B sector, develops creative and smart structural designs.
    We focus on reducing non eco-friendly material, creating easier opening/
    closing solutions, creating free frustration packaging.

  • Innovation for More Sustainability

    IPS stays on top of all new material in the industry, we aim to replace all non eco friendly material by a solution with less environment impact. We have developed a range of paper based filling/ cushioning material to replace plastic wherever possible.

  • Equipment Innovation

    IPS develops its own machinery and equipment.
    Filling/ cushioning material wrapping cutting machine.
    CNC paper/ plywood/ OSB tables.
    Box on demand machine.
    All strive to improve flexibility and productivity.