For All Of Your Transport And
Export Packaging Needs

The right packaging solution will not only protect your product – it will improve your brand and reduce your total cost of logistics. All our solutions are engineered and optimized for a specific product and flow. If it is; sensitive, strong, small, large, light, heavy, or shipped by; truck, sea, rail or air. Our solutions are based on your circumstances. We chose a pallet, outer and inner packaging that best fit your needs through the entire supply chain.

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    Paper Based Products

    Sustainable and price competitive, paper is the number 1 material in the packaging industry.

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    Protective Packaging

    Customizable, light and cost competitive protective inserts and cushions. We help you design items to ensure good protective performance.

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    Wood Based Packaging

    Strong and easily customable, wood packaging is mainly use for heavy parts transportation. Strength of the wood makes it a good choice for export.

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    Plastic Film Packaging

    Flexible, resistant and cost competitive, plastic film packaging can have many application. It can be used as primary pack, secondary pack or used as a protective and wrapping solution.

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    Returnable Packaging

    Long lasting packaging that can be reused during multiple logistics flows. Returnable packaging is designed to reduce costs among the supply chain while being a more sustainable option.

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    Packaging Accessories

    All the remaining packaging commodities you might need. Filling material, straping and closing material.