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Packaging experts, we supply various type of material. Browse our catalogue of products.
The right packaging solution will not only protect well your product, it will also impact your brand recognition and reduce your whole supply chain costs.
Protective packaging
Customizable, light and cost competitive protective inserts and cushions. We help you design items to ensure good protective performance.

    • Moulded EPP/ EPE/ EPS

      IPS can design and supply moulded foams, custom-made to fit your products. Offering great impact performance, extended foams can be made in different thicknesses / colours to fit best your needs.
    • Die Cut EPE

      Cushions made out of EPE, expanded polyethylene, is one the most used protective cushion in the packaging industry. EPE is flexible and easy to shape and glue to create the cushion adapted to your products. EPE can be made in different shapes, different densities and different colours.
    • PU/ EVA

      Mostly used in retail industry, PU/ EVA can be used to create protective cushion with a smooth finish.
      PU/ EVA is the definite choice when you need to pack high value products or creating a packaging that will be displaying your products to customers.
    • Blister Packaging

      A variety of parts can be made from injection molding, low cost and flexible. Blisters and trays can be designed in different material and thicknesses. Especially used to pack small products it can also be done transparent to display products to consumer.