Your mission is our mission. We develop packaging solutions reducing your supply chain cost and
reduce your environmental impact. With our global footprint we can support all around the world.

  • Design and Testing

    Our engineering team is here to help you design/ sample/ test a solution suiting best your supply chain.
    When we develop a packaging solution we take into account multi aspects and constraints. Material selected must ensure good protection of your product and be cost effective.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Nominate IPS as your packaging provider will make your life easier. We can supply your vendors wherever they are located in China with the same quality of material and service consistently. We can help build a stronger supply chain and offer better control of cost and quality.

  • Integrated Packaging Solutions

    We are a fully integrated packaging provider, we work closely with you and adapt to your unique needs. We can work in JIT, offer kitting service, be your fulfillment center, have on site supervision…and much more.

  • Consulting Support

    IPS goes beyond supplying packaging material. We can detached experienced engineers to analyze deeply your supply chain and help you develop packaging solutions that fit best your global needs. How better packaging can serve your whole performance? IPS will help achieve improvement in logistics/ material/ operational costs through packaging innovation.

  • Innovation

    IPS stays on top of the industry changes.
    Innovation in material, production process, equipment…will
    make a huge difference in competitiveness.

  • Co-packing

    The benefits of co-packing in China are significant and
    can help you optimize your supply chain

  • Our Works

    Offer you the right packaging solution, protecting your
    products all the way while improving your overall supply
    chain efficiency.
    Make your packaging solution a key to your success.