• Our Solutions

  • Consulting

    IPS goes beyond supplying packaging material. We can detached experienced engineers to analyze deeply your supply chain and help you develop packaging solutions that fit your global need best. How better packaging can serve your whole performance? IPS will help achieve improvement in llogistical,material and operational costs through packaging innovation.

Consulting Support

Bring IPS expertize to the table.IPS has a rich experience working along its customers. Being involved in your multi departments (purchasing, ME, Ops, Quality, SQE, Production, logistics) will make us more likely to offer the best packaging solutions. A to Z support from development to implementation of your packaging solution.

  • Concept

    IPS has a team of professionals whom understand global supply chain, our concepts and designs will benefit your whole supply chain.
    OEM and retailers have used IPS expertize to rethink their packaging and gain better control of it.

  • Structural Design

    Once we have a better of your supply chain and its challenges, IPS will develop packaging designs to overtake them.
    We have a design center with engineers translating concept into structural design. You will see what the solution will be and how it will affect your supply chain.

  • Prototype

    IPS has its own sample department with printer and CNC equipment. We can come up with prototype even printed ones, so you can have a physical review of the developed solution. Helps to reduce development time and allow for quick changes when needed.

  • Testing

    IPS has its own ISTA laboratory on-site.
    We can run all ISTA tests to validate a solution. We can recreate environment, impact/ drop, handling, that your product will suffer along its life cycle.
    A must to validate and implement a packaging solution.
    We can run ISTA, 3A 3B 3E…

  • Try Out

    IPS can be at your side for on site operation and support review of the packaging at its final destination. This service can include on site packing training, development of SOP, quality check…

  • Production Implementation

    That is the last step, once all concepts,prototypes, tests and try out were successful IPS will remain at your side to launch production smoothly.