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    11.11 The Chinese Black Friday

    China has its own Black Friday, called the 11.11 (takes place November the eleven) when online retailers offer huge sales deals. In 2021, China 11.11 online sales hit a new sales record. The total online transactions reached RMB 965.1 billion , a year-to-year increase of 12.22%, and the number of parcels on the entire network reached 4.776 billion pieces;

    Among them, the sales of beauty and skin care products reached RMB 54.7 billion, a year-to-year increase of 35.5%; IPS Lando being an integrated packaging solution provider, e-commerce packaging is an important business category for us, China 11.11 is a huge business opportunity and also a great challenge for us;

    As one of the largest e-commerce packaging suppliers for beauty and skin care in China, IPS Lando is also the designated e-commerce packaging supplier for the world's leading international cosmetics group.

    In 2021 to support its customers during 11.11, IPS successfully delivered to its customer’s warehouses through 45928 truck deliveries,over 32M eco friendly and easy opening boxes, over 58M pieces of packaging material such assuch as tape, filling material, labels and so on.

    IPS Lando's high-quality products, services and professionalism were all unanimously recognized and appreciated by our customers!