Sustainability has become one of our world biggest and exciting challenge.IPS is fully engaged to be a changing actor. We design and supply packaging that helps you better control your whole supply chain in a responsible and cost effective manner.Reducing our impact on the environment,invest in new green technology and develop new eco friendly solutions to make our planet a better place is part of our DNA.

  • Reduce Waste

    At IPS we believe simple is better,we aim to develop innovative designs that reduce the material use to its minimum.
    By better design you can achieve the same performance with the minimum of material, reducing the overall material in transit on the planet.

    We have also put in place waste management process where all our paper waste get into the recycling cycle to minimize our eco impact.

  • Supply Chain Optimization

    Take your supply chain to the next level with a packaging helping you to reduce your total carbon footprint impact. Our engineering team works on optimizing palletization and containerization.
    IPS is dedicated to develop packaging that will allow you to ship more products in sea container, trucks, reducing your CO2 emissions and carbon footprint.

  • Material Selection

    Sustainability starts with a desire of reducing our impact on the earth.
    We now have in mind that our resources are not endless and we believe that we have the responsibility to do something at our level to make a change.

    We work on replacing all non eco friendly material with more sustainable alternatives wherever it is possible.
    We are engaged into using full recyclable material, IPS is FSC certified and we develop material and equipment using 100% green raw material so we can make a difference.

  • CSR

    As a dynamic company we believe we have a great responsibility in limiting our negative impact on the world and leave it better than we found it.
    Through our sustainability development and FSC certification we work on our impact in our business, we also do encourage our people to grow with us and embrace our values.
    We invest in our people to raise awareness on environmental challenges, through local farming initiative and eco responsibility seminars.
    The more we share the more we can give back to our planet.

  • Innovation
    Sustainable Materials

    Our focus on renewable and biodegradable materials will provide our customers with even more sustainable packaging solutions,resulting in reduced environmental impact.
    With a continuous focus on developing renewable and biodegradable materials, we are finding new ways to achieve greater sustainability in our solutions and smarter ways to reduce environmental impact.
    Together,we can pave the way for a future with less packaging waste.